Students reaching their academic potential.

Education is probably the single most effective path out of poverty. But, sadly, one of the heftiest prices paid by those living in poverty is the impact it has on their child's educational performance. When children start off with that large a deficit, their ability to succeed in school diminishes. All too often they fall farther and farther behind their peers. SACS is committed to helping students reach their academic potential.Obviously, with your generosity, there is much more we can do.


This year

In 2020, with your help SACS fulfilled its objective of delivering hope and joy to over 2,700 students in need. Help break the cycle of poverty with a simple donation and deliver a backpack filled with school supplies and hope.





San Francisco de Asis

With your help, SACS aims to deliver hope and joy to 2500 students in need. Help break the cycle of poverty with a simple donation and deliver a backpack filled with school supplies and hope.


Piris Family

The Piris family is very grateful for the backpacks and school supplies delivered to the Centro Madre María José en Villa Martelli. We believe that education is the best tool in life.


Comedor Los Bajitos

SACS, thanks a million for the time you devote to helping us. I always say that Los Bajitos has been blessed because in our worst moments God sends messengers like YOU and your group of friends come to help us. Cristina, Comedor Los Bajitos.


Casa del Niño "Nueva Familia"

Casa del Niño “Nueva Familia” is a study center for children between the ages of 6 and 16. They began by helping primary school children, who, after finishing their primary studies didn’t want to leave the center. So, with a lot of effort and a donation of two containers and a train wagon, the latter was refurbished into what is today a high school study center.

These children receive the necessary emotional support, meals and recreational activities to complement their education and academic cycles. The center also offers educational workshops (math, arts, crafts and physical education, among others) considered to be an essential element to help children learn how to think, develop their talents and share and interact with their peers.

Primary kids get two meals a day, breakfast and lunch or lunch and an afternoon snack. They wash their hands before eating and brush their teeth after every meal. The center works out-of-school hours and it is a requisite that the children don’t miss official school classes to earn the right to receive the study center services.

They are taught to take care of their belongings to give back to the community, doing charitable work for others and thus value and understand the hard work behind the gifts that they receive. I loved this place, it gives the children so much more than academic support; they get a sense of belonging and self respect.


How can you help?

Together, we can provide hope for the future in Argentina.

Provides students with educational tools they need to reach their academic potential.

> Volunteer: Provide help organizing events or with the backpacks assembly and distribution.

> Donate: Use the donate button on our website to make a quick and secure donation.

> Purchase a Pack (PAP): Buy a backpack and supplies through PAP at one of our events.

> Sponsor School: Sponsor a school, orphanage, study center with backpacks and school supplies.

> Join future events: Attend one of our variety of fundraising events which include: feria americanas, concerts, and embassy receptions.