UPDATE: Responding To COVID-19


Schools across Argentina have closed due to the world-wide pandemic COVID - 19 and students are receiving remote online instruction. Nevertheless, for poorer households with limited resources access to the internet is almost non-existent. Lack of access to water, food, sanitation facilities and living areas limited to 5 square meters for an entire family are just some of the realities they must face during these times of social isolation.  

Here at SACS we are maintaining our mission, but after careful consideration, we have made the decision to temporarily shift our focus to accommodate to the current crisis by creating connections and building bridges between the most vulnerable communities with donor and volunteer support.

SACS’  long experience working in these communities is a key factor in understanding their daily challenges and how we all can help. We will continue to give updates and include specific recommendations for donations in the coming weeks.

 Thank you for supporting our work. Stay safe. 

Stephanie Bruchou, President


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